Different parts of the ship can have either death metal or Bach* type, or Beethoven* type or even healthy or even deathly, etc. Purchased in the store, but you guys have to come up with the music selections. Give us at least 20 to choose from and build on it, see how it does, and make sure you keep it real.

* not those actual songs but something similar to it.

The trigger could be either the whole ship or parts of the ship depending on the ship level of the guild. Greater guild ship levels could mean more songs throughout the ship.

I can imagine battle music that changes to the style of the character attacking the dummy. Different players would have different music attached to their class selections, etc. The level of the guild affects this music and gets cooler and better at higher levels.

The tavern would have its own music or just be a sound affect too such as hammers repairing gear or people having a good time or the sounds of pvp matches and PVP arenas for level 100 ships. Raids could have tournaments on the ship and give out prizes, etc. The size of the ship would have to be bigger for a pvp arena and also this could change to better arenas once guilds go beyond 100 and advance to 100 +.

It is two ideas in one based on theme music and the pvp arena was just a thought, but not needed.

Theme music is more realistic when it comes to a marketable profit margin. I would choose Death Metal for my ship as soon as someone entered my ship, then as they entered the Tavern I would have sounds of repairs and people talking and fighting. The lower level of my ship would have a different sound or just quiet if I chose. And yes Quiet could be a sell-able theme music ship buff, much like a library where our characters can have solitude. Quiet could be the sound of cats or dogs howling or simply soft music or even Death metal. It is market able because everyone has their inner most song that helps them concentrate better. Officers could change the songs, but must be in the guild and have rank. Rank could mean 3 months of officer in order to change songs. I am just brain storming as I type this paragraph.

The floor is yours.

Thank you and may the Blood of the Red Dragon fill our hearts and veins with passion and the need for Power!