The whole augment system was a great idea, but its completely neutered at non-endgame levels because of the rarity of useful augments, particularly Topazes. The value of mid-level topazes like Fear/Blindness Immunity, Deathblock, and Feather Falling are orders of magnitude more than anything you would be using at-level. They're not worth socketing into anything you intend to replace as you level up.

Here's some possibilities to fix this problem, and allow mid-level augments to be useful to those who are actually mid-level:

-Just increase the drop rate in chests etc., so they're readily available on the AH for a price that lets them be semi-disposable
-Make Jeweler's Kits appear semi-regularly in normal chests, or otherwise readily obtainable via non-Store methods for midlevel characters, so they're available to unsocket your valuable Augments (not likely, I know)
-Drastically reduce the Collectable turn-ins required for Augments at all levels. Ideally, the current expensive prices for a random augment should let you select your augment, while a random augment should only cost 10 Common, 3 Uncommon, or 1 Rare collectable of the appropriate type.
-Add recipes to make them Craftable, with a recipe requiring no more than one (1) Purified Eberron Shard, for augments <ML20.