So here's the thing. I've been at this for about 6 months now and thought I was doing reasonably well. Yes I die regularly but less often than I did when I started out. But I've gotten the hang of the game well enough.

However earlier I was running my lvl 11 toon, joined a PUG and was told that my hp wasn't high enough. Which I'm wondering because I don't really know how to maximise this stat all that much. And this seems to be a more common occurrence, players demanding that you have a certain HP value before running groups with you (some of it I understand but again if you don't know how to increase you hp it excludes you from groups, which is not a good thing).

For reference the character was a Rogue 7/Druid 2/ Fighter 2 stick build that's a work in progress. Drow race, monk past life, starting Con of 14, +2 Tome, +4/5 Health item, +10 Vitality item for about 185-ish hp, which I thought was a respectable amount. But anyway I digress.

>> What are some helpful ways for newer characters/players/toons that may or may not have past-lives to help maximise there HP per level?

>> Is the Toughness Feat still worth anything post U-19 with the loss of the Racial Toughness enhancements?

>> Will starting with a Constitution of 14 be enough for none-Tank based characters to survive as they progress to higher levels (with or without +2 tome or putting all your extra stat-points into Con)?