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    Default Artificer Balle Engineer Enhancement tier 5


    i feel like artis on both enhancement paths get only $hit on tier 5. These can hardly compete with any other classes tier 4 and lower.

    I would like to see some improved weapon buffs on battle engineer 5 providing additional bonuses to silver weapons, deadly etc like for example improved elemental arrows from AA. Or to fit the theme of an engineer some sort of alloy to get more prr, damage, to hit or some sort of defense.
    Current options are going to be not taken at all.

    Same goes for the arcanotech very bad options there on tier 5.

    these minor improvements compete with crit thread and multiplier ranges on various weapon types, some 250 damage attacks before crit and some really useful abilities on basically every other class on every other enhancement path.

    Show some love to artis for the sake of the class


    PS: i dont neccessarily want something for juggernauts but for competetive damage output for artis in general, i wouldnt mind a +1 crit and/or threat range for crossbows to be up there. Or to improve the weapon attachement (Which is btw the biggest **** tier 5 ever) to not just give +0,5w but to enhance your weapon with additional +2 threat range or 1 threat/crit until swapped.

    Edit: typo in the title is only to attrack people to the Thread
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    agreed completely

    weapon attachment is neat, but not a tier 5 ability

    stable tier 3 is not a tier 5 ability

    rune arm mobility IS a tier 5 ability IF you've boosted your rune arm damage, which while engineer raises the RA's DPS by making it fire more often, it does squat for the casting DC.

    personally I was hoping to see buffs to Endless Fus. perfect chance to add a duration buff to it with the tree structure. +2/4/6 seconds on tier 5

    or + 1 bolt per volley for all xbows. which would put it on par with death frenzy in power increase

    +1 crit multi since 99.9% of xbows have a craptastic x2 multiplier. and taking overwhelming critical on an Int based toon is near impossible

    right now my arti is eyeballing the tier 5's from fighter and ranger. both of which would be a good deal more DPS while also supplying more defense at the expense of caster levels, RA damage, and spell selection.
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    Agree, both T5s are lackluster and make me want to look at cross-class tree T5s - though you're probably still better off taking T3/4 in 3 trees than T5/T4 in 2.

    Ideas for better T5 BE abilities:
    -Alchemical Infusion (3/3, 2 AP): Your equipped crossbow or 1h melee weapon is considered Metalline/+Aligned/+Bludgeon-Slashing-Pierce
    -Enchanted Bandolier (1/1, 2 AP): Your Endless Fusillade is now a clickable skill with a 1M cooldown.
    -Emitter Array (3/3, 1 AP): Your Runearm damage is increased 10/20/30%
    -Heavy Bolts (1/1, 2 AP): Power Attack for Xbows

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