I picked up the Wheloon quest chains from both Edric Crastmere (epic version) and Davney Selkin (heroic version) and then proceeded to the 4 quest givers and picked up the quests from them. I ran all 4 quests, picked up final quest, ran it.

Each of the quest givers gave me an end reward, no problem.

But, when I go back to Edric to complete the chain I get a message, "I'm sorry, I was distracted...We will pick up where we left off."

It seems like this is meant as a dialogue for people like me who don't run back to the arch quest giver between quests. But, I expected some end of chain reward and for the whole thing to reset.

Did I break everything by how I ran the quests? I did the same thing on Lamannia but never finished the final quest so did not have this experience.