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    Default +20 lesser reincarnation leave me stuck on boat

    My third ticket submission for same problem:

    Some GM closed the last two tickets without resolving. I used the +20 lesser and was stuck on the reincarnation boat with 0 xp. After awhile of waiting and a ticket, I had the xp to take up to level 20. I still can't take levels 21 and 22 as I should be able to, nor can I leave the boat until I do so. I'm making a forums post hoping to get this resolved.

    My then cleric 16 2 pal 2 monk Severred was level 22, used the +20/ Originally, I wasn't able to do anything, but about half an hour after submitting a ticker, I could level to 20. Now I can't get past I need to advance with the trainer, but she says I don't have the xp for that. I've been waiting so long my daily dice came up, and I rolled 100, so I used 1,000 xp I got from it and my xp bar says level 20, 1001 xp of 300,000.

    I'm alt tabbed twiddling my thumbs, and am totally stuck.
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    Default Same here

    I'm having the same problem. I'm stuck on the Heart of Wind with 0 XP. I posted a ticket last night. I have been searching. Can't find any answers for this problem.

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    Good Luck. I was stuck on the ship prior to the Xpack for some bug and it took me almost 3 weeks, multiple tickets, multiple calls to account support and numerous auto closed in-game support tickets to finally have a GM teleport me off the ship. After having untold GM's tell me that teleporting me off was impossible (basically lying to me). They need to redefine what impossible means to them.

    Your going to have to be incredibly persistent as they will make you jump thru hoops like you never have before.

    It's was just plain stupid what they put me thru.

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