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    Default Holy weapons 1d6 vs 2d6 -- WAI?

    I noticed the other day a new holy weapon dropped and it was only 1d6...

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    Default Possible display bug

    Almost all (if not all) additional weapon damage effects are now tiered. The higher the tier, the more dice additional damage the weapon does. The tier doesn't show up in the weapon name, but does show up in the description. Tier 1 items appear not to show the 1 in the description.
    So you are probably just seeing the old Holy items in you inventory or on the AH that are 2d6, whereas the new Holy II items are 2d4. So a new tier 1 and an old Holy item would appear to have the same description and thus might be confusing. So yes, it is probably WAI.
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    Ya, I saw this too on a ML 12 weapon the Holy was just 1-6.
    I thought it might be auction-able - but it turned out to be vendor material...
    All the new terminology and changes to existing is rather confusing.

    Thankfully most of my (good) weapons are either named or crafted.

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