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    I get that feeling every time I see someone in the Dire Bunny hat.

    As a Warforged player, it amuses me greatly the number of times Hair Die has showed up in chests. I once suggested to my guildies that what the WF need is a Living Toupee option that would open up customization (Valkyrie braids a la yellow fuchsia), unique WF looks ("I-can't-tell-you-WF-apart-you-all-look-the-same") and something to use the Hair Die on (to change grass/flower color).

    The response? "No. Gods, no." So no love for Chia-Pet WF silliness...

    Although I think that horned helm you described is only on the borderlands of silly. When I see a horned helm where the horns are as long as the character's arm extension, then I know I will have arrived in Downtown Silly.
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    If only those wonderfully designed helmets didn’t magically scale themselves to the size of the wearer… I would love to see a Minos on a Halfling or dwarf… Feet sticking out from under the helm, waddling around like an Armadillo. Or perhaps some Dark Helmet action ;-)

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