Summary of this post:
Let us teleport for free to every new quest entrance.

I have already complained about the huge and deceptive maps, but now I am truly upset and angry and, and, and AAAAAHHRG ^%*$.

Last night we were doing some EE Wheelon and, as we all know, the map is designed as a bait and switch. Bait you to come pay for (which is fine - I love this game and gladly paid for it) and play new content and then, (the fraud part), make such a nudging and horrible and painful map, they you pay MORE to get to the quest.

Yes, I don't HAVE to pay.
Yes, I can run to the quest.

BUT NOT WHEN ITS SO LAGGY THAT YOU DIE GETTING THERE. THREE TIMES. 3 different instances. As I was in a good group of players I like playing with, and I wanted to play, I ended up paying to play for something I ALREADY PAID FOR. in REAL MONEY.

And even when not lagging, it takes so much time to get to the quest, so many loading screens, so far away, THEY SHOULD LET YOU TELEPORT TO EVERY QUEST FOR FREE.

Personally I hate wildernesses. It's there if you want it. I don't like it. Let me spend my time the way I want to and let me play what I PAYED for without making me waste more of my limited time, or paying more.

I am getting sick of this.
For the first time I started playing, I have this feeling of despair. Sure, I complained plenty about many small things in this game, but ever I knew that I would go back on later that night. For the first time, I am feeling, so disgusted, so punched in the stomach, that I don't know. I don't know.

And I am not even talking about the abysmal loot. thats another thread. yea.