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    Default DG's Trade Thread

    What I have for trade:
    Named Items:
    Globe of True Imperial Blood
    Seal of House Dun'Robar (+7 CON and +5 Combat Mastery)
    Flawless Black Dragonscales
    Sapphire of Natural Armor +7 (x2)
    Sapphire of Resistance +7 (x2)
    Ruby of Impulse and Ruby of Combustion 114

    Random Loot gear:
    DEX +10 Speed X Wonderous Boots (ML 27)
    WIS +10 Resist 9 Helm (ML 28)
    WIS +9 Resist 9 Kneck /w colorless (ML 28)
    CHA +9 Archmagi Cloak /w yellow (ML 28)
    INT +8 Natural Armor +9 Cloak /w yellow (ML 28)
    Slotted gear for crafting (double and single augment slotted - also have a stock of Guild Slotted gear)

    What I'm Looking For:
    Named Items:
    Seal of House Dun'RoBar (+2 insightful STR and +10 Shatter)
    EE Ring of Shadows
    EE Adamantine Knuckles
    EE Thunder and Lightning
    EE Goatskin Boots (Dex +8)
    EH or EE Spiked Boots

    Random Loot with Augment Slots - any slot desired, with more value placed on colored slots:
    Convalescent bracers of Parry
    Health +10 belt of False Life or Seeking
    Dexterity +10 boots of Dodge
    Wise +10 Goggles/Helm of Natural Armor
    Deadly Goggles/Helm of Resistance +10

    - Whisper my chars Pinc Punch or Porc the Orc
    - PM me here
    - Reply to thread
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