figured we should all try and give feedback because some people do listen. as a guide I think we should avoid over simplification of thoughts such as "this update sucks" okay, why do you feel that way? was there something that you did like? what was it and why?

also please be sure to include some bad, as well as some good, all feedback is good feedback for the most part (see above over simplification)

the good for me:
-im enjoying the 2 new quest packs very much, the quests are all different and share different mechanics. highlights were leading a competent but unfamiliar pug through a mirror darkly to a great finish. and the quest that takes place in the mountain pass where we have to stop supplies **special note** this quest was awesome for the reason that the players were on the offensive, we were setting traps and creating choke points in the canyons. a few of us left that quest actually commenting that it was "fun" I will repeat this quest because it is fun, if not for loot.

-the prison and storm horns. love the two new wilderness areas, both very different in feel and scope, I REALLY like the prison I find myself spending a lot of time doing slayer because I enjoy the area, and I hate slayer.

-random loot is good again, this is a good thing but I feel it may have went too far outclassing some previous EE gear, its always good to improve gear but I think it went a tiny bit over, hopefully you wont increase it further come level 30.

-psudo named end rewards, that was a neat idea and thoughtful for people that might not have that great of stuff yet.

-EP I was not doom and gloom about this. and lucky for me there was no reason to be, yes some things are different and there are a lot of active abilities now but I feel it was good for the game. for 1) it is simple to use and easy to plan. and 2) multiclassing seems more healthy then ever, and that is a great thing. I look forward to seeing the new builds thought up in the following months.

the bad for me:
-obvious money grabs, I have nothing against paying for a game, im not a sub but I own every pack and expansion, buy plenty of cosmetic gear, and even bought an ottos box to speed up a TR life. that said +5 tomes in the store, and all this astral shard nonsense is just silly. im not a fan of it, and you will never convince me to participate in it.

-the bugs, lots of em, but it is to be expected with any expansion and I hope it will all be mostly resolved come the first patch.

-explorer locations tied to rare encounters. please stop it, its annoying.

that is all from me, cannot really think up anything else at the moment. hope to hear anything else has to say