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    Default App for the DDO Wiki?

    I was wondering if anyone knew about any apps that would work with generic MediaWiki wikis that would work well with the DDO Wiki?
    I'm an iPhone user, but knowing about Adroid apps would be good too.

    If there isn't a generic app, perhaps someone from these part could whip something up?

    Post Script:

    Before posting, I checked the Helpful Player Resources thread stickied at the top of this forum. I'll PM the OP, but it would be good if we could get a DDO phone and table app list up there too. Wouldn't it?

    So if anyone has an app they made, or an app they use maybe they could post a link to it?

    The same goes for Web-based solvers and such too. I didn't see any links to the solvers or the puzzle game sites I've heard about.

    TIA for any suggestions,


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    Default Post this on the Village pump

    The admins of the wiki might have some ideas. If you post this on the Village pump forum on the wiki, you might get a response there.
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