I'm an old-school D&D player and I really enjoy seeing where my numbers come from. Despite the developer's (player's?) drive towards MORE BIGGER FASTER HARDER in all aspects of the game - which I completely disagree with - I'd really like to see where my numbers come from.

For example, if I now look at my hit points and hover the mouse, it shows Base, Constitution, and Feat bonuses. The trouble is that every single racial, class, feat, and enhancement bonus is thrown in with the "feat" category. I'd really love to see it broken down source by source for every number that appears on the Character Sheet or the drop drown combat box on the Inventory.

This probably doesn't matter in the long run, but it would be nice to see how my Bard 10 / Fighter 6 has ~290 hit points while by my math it should be 268 at most (60 from bard, 60 from fighter, 80 from con, 18 from toughness, 10 from class enhancement, 25+5+5+5 from heroic durability). Sometimes the game seems to lose track of these and just run along with the MORE BIGGER FASTER HARDER approach and just like to pause and figure things out.