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    Default My new melee build going home to use my +20 LR

    12 Ranger / 5 Fighter / 3 MONK
    Race: Warforged (would have gone a dex race but he is already WF and I don’t feel like reincarnating him again. I don’t feel that I will be losing that much though since I’ll gain a little damage and fort with WF enhancements.)
    Pastlives: 3ranger, 1 fighter, 1 artificer, 1 Paladin
    Name: Woodforged

    Base Attributes
    09 STR
    18 DEX
    18 CON
    09 INT
    13 WIS
    06 CHA

    All 7 level ups go into DEX and have all +5 Tomes

    Ending Base Attributes

    14 STR
    30 DEX
    23 CON
    14 INT
    18 WIS
    11 CHA

    Chosen Feats
    Fighter Bonus Feats x3: Weapon Prof Kopesh, WF Slashing, WS Slashing.
    Monk Bonus Feats x3: Power Attack, Lightning Reflexes, Fists of Darkness
    Regular Feats x7: Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, IC Slashing, TWD, Toughness x2
    Epic Feats x3 Epic toughness, the lvl 27 reflex save one, and probably just another toughness?
    Reasons for lvl splits:
    3 Monk for Ninja Spy Dex to hit and damage with slashing weapons while centered.
    5 Fighter for min to have centered Kopesh and +1 crit band.
    12 Ranger to get 100% off hand strikes.

    Haven’t recorded my enhancements yet but will update them later, just wanted to get some feedback on this. I will for sure be taking two of the kensei top tier ones for centered and crit though.

    Gear isn’t important to me as you can make it work however you want once you have a character chassis.

    Please feel free to submit feedback.
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