I have a True Neutral 32-point Human that is currently a Ranger 18/Rogue 1/Fighter 1...

I'm conflicted as to what to do with him. Do I stay the course or change him to a Ranger 15/Rogue 5?

I don't think I need the Fighter level and the only reason he has 18 Ranger levels is because that used to be what you needed for Tempest III.
With the hit point bonuses at every 5 class levels, I'll make out better with the 15/5 split. The extra Rogue levels also give me more skill points and Sneak Attack damage. 15 Ranger grants me another Favored Enemy and Freedom of Movement along with Cure Serious Wounds.

I was also toying with taking the Least Dragonmark of Passage for Dimension Door and Teleport, more as flavor than anything, otherwise I may take Dodge or Toughness.

Abilities as follows:

Strength 14 + 3 tome + 2 Ram's Might = 19 + gear
Dexterity 16 + 3 tome + 7 ability increases + 3 enhancements = 29 + gear
Constitution 14 + 2 tome = 16 + gear
Intelligence 12 + 2 tome = 14 + gear
Wisdom 12 + 2 tome = 14 + gear
Charisma 10 + 2 tome = 12 + gear


1. Point Blank Shot
3. Weapon Finesse
6. Power Attack or Precision
9. Improved Critical: Piercing
12. Improved Critical: Ranged
15. Empower Healing
18. Maximize
21. Quicken
24. Skill Focus: UMD
26. Perfect Two Weapon Fighting
27. Blinding Speed
28. Doubleshot

I was going to take a mix of Tempest and Deepwood Stalker along with some of the Human enhancements. Maybe the summonable arrows from Arcane Archer too.

The idea is to melee and take advantage of Sneak Attack damage along with being able to hit most traps in game. I was going to take advantage of his high dexterity with the Improved Weapon Finesse enhancement from Deepwood Stalker since he has a Lighting 1 GS shortsword and Radiance 1 GS Rapier (haven't gotten around to farming the Shroud to finish them).

He's currently level 21 and hasn't run too much of the MoTU content hence the "+ gear" in the abilities section.

So, any advice?