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    Default Thanks for making the high road heroic and for the new enhancements

    Having the high road quests heroic was quite nice as that level area doesn't have a lot of choices. And for someone like me who doesn't really play much in the epic area, it was especially nice as I hadn't run those quests before at all.

    And so far, I'm enjoying the enhancement pass. Sure, there's some things I don't like, but the things I do like outnumber them by about 4:1, so I'm gonna call it a success.

    Additionally, I like the new quest repeat xp decay system. I was never one for running the same quests over and over until my face melted, and this new system encourages people to play more variety and potentially group more. And you can still do the same quest over and over if you start playing it a bit underlevel and then play it every 18 hours until you're overlevel. Much better for the sanity and for encouraging groups and newer players.

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    SO have you seen any heroic versions on the High Road named items yet?

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