Ok not newest but seems to being used more often these days, Banned.

Seems like a lot of peeps like to play the pvp just to get others banned.
Heh people will grief others just cause they know they have a bard alt they like to log in to dance griefers then talk smack while dancing just to keep bard mad and dancing em so they can get the bards account banned. Peeps will roll there tr'd toon into the brawl and shiradi tr missle people over and over again till they get mad and start talking smack just to get em banned or warned.

Just a word of warning, the pvp is whatever guns are in your arsenal for those new to game and enjoy pvp, are perfectly legal as long as you don't get abusive. Don't smack talk cause it can become another tool to be used by another in their arsenal for pvp.

If you go into pvp, think of it as a casino, the odds are allways against you and others know this and will use it.

Hop in have fun, kill, get killed, get out and don't get baited into the next tier of pvp.