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    Default Missing epic destiny feats??

    I am wondering if anyone knows the answer to this:

    I just reached level 26 on my PM, and want to take spell power negative. I specifically capped exalted angel destiny because according to wiki it requires 1 divine destiny to be caped as a prereq. But it is not on my list of choices. All arcane spellpowers are there, as well as guardian angel and holy strike from divine.

    Anyone know what I don't?
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    Yep. Same thing happened to my bard yesterday. I had exalted angel fully capped but only had 1/2 the list that should have generated by capping a full Divine ED for me to choose from.

    I had to fully cap Unyielding Sentinel as well then relog for it to show me the full list.

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    Yes, I heard of another player who couldn't take positive spell power until they had capped both destinies in the divine sphere despite the description stating only one sphere needed to be capped. Something seems to be not WAI.
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