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    "weapon attachement" from a WF enhancements (rogue/artificer) turns off again on any zoning and not just on shrining/relogging/death
    radiant aura of a cleric turns off on any zoning when race= WF
    radiant aura of a cleric does not work 50% of the time when the casting WF character does not target himself before casting it.
    the famous "mouse-scrollwheel (ZOOM) doesnt work anymore after using the shared bank/bank/bags

    theres more if i could just remember ^ these are just the ones that enrage me personally most atm.

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    Default Music of the Dead/Makers

    Quote Originally Posted by Backley View Post
    Anyone have more to add?
    Bard enhancements Music of the Dead / Music of the Makers not working properly. ML 13 mobs were resisting about 17 out of 20 tries on my level 21 bard (dc should be 61 + 1d20). And when it did land they were only fascinated for 20 seconds instead of 4 minutes.

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    Unable to enter quests or wilderness areas when a member of the party is too low of level to enter the quest/wilderness area, regardless of whether the low level character was trying/intending to enter.

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    extend still doesn't work with arty buffs
    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan
    There is little value in getting into an edition debate; as with anything, we create what we believe works best for DDO.

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    Apparently all the raid tome drops were dropped by one point (Abbot drops +2 ability tomes and +2 to +3 upgrade ability tomes instead of +3 and +3 to +4) and half the raid tome drops are now BTC upgrade skill tomes instead.!

    And if you're more than 4 levels from quest difficulty level then you can't get in on Epic quests (so level 22 characters cannot enter level 27+ quests).
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