Overall, the enhancement revamp was a HUGE step forward. I am especially happy with the work the devs did on barbarians, paladins, druids and rangers, and it's nice to not have to scroll all the way down to find out which enhancements I can take and their requirements.

The only problems I have are with some individual enhancements. Nothing to rage over, but there are some enhancements that aren't very practical, or cost too much, or somehow need a buff.

Paladin - KotC - Passion: This enhancement it very flavorful, but it procs only on an ability that costs SP. I wish that it could be changed to have a % proc chance on any successful smite or divine sacrifice. Paladins have very low spell points and a way to get more would be very nice to have.

Cleric - Divine Disciple - Vulnerability: Costs spell points, but doesn't do any damage by itself. This could be change to proc vulnerability on, say, spell crit or just have a straight % chance to proc. It doesn't add much.

Fighter - Kensai: I have no problem with the tree itself, but it seems to me that a fighter gets more benefit from splashing monk than he/she does for staying pure when using this tree. Fighters need a third tree.

Wizard - Archmage: The core abilities of this tree are the same SLAs that were in the old enhancement system. I would like to see a greater variety of available metamagicable SLAs.

Sorcerer: Most sorcerers before U19 were Savants. Post U19, ALL sorcerers are Savants. Please, for the love of variety, give sorcerers a non-savant PrE! ;___;

Artificer: Where is the skill boost?

Half-Orc - Orcish Fury: This is probably the weakest racial ability. If DDO were a turn-based game like Final Fantasy Tactics, this would be feasible. However, it is not practical for anyone to remain at less than 50% HP and expect to live longer than a few seconds. Furthermore, most group-oriented divines will heal anyone who is under 50% health as soon as they can. No one wants more power when near-death, they would rather not die and continue to deal more damage over time. This enhancement is not fun.

Bards: Need more kaboom. Where is the earth-shattering kaboom?

Druid - Nature's Warrior - Bestial Nature: The benefits of this stance are an insight bonus. Now, with the recent item change, it's not that difficult to find insight bonuses to saves of up to +4, that I've seen. The benefits of this stance are overwritten by items, which makes this enhancement a waste of AP when one obtains such an item. Please change the benefit to a primal bonus.

Druid - Nature's Warrior - Two Good Legs: This is certainly powerful. However, I am saddened that being a bear or a wolf doesn't make me harder to trip innately. I don't need immunity as an innate benefit of being in animal form, just the ability to be harder to trip up.