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Thread: DDo in China?

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    Default DDo in China?

    I am potentially moving to china in the future, and was wondering if anyone from there has the ability to play DDO. i am aware that they are far more censored with the internet.

    That would be a terrible loss, thus I am checking now. thanks for input, and if you have any valuable info please share also.
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    Lots of people on Sarlona from China and Taiwan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chai View Post
    Lots of people on Sarlona from China and Taiwan.
    Can absolutely confirm this.

    It's great to have people to play with at 430am Eastern time, despite the language barrier!

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    Don't know anything first hand but I think that sometimes people use vpns to get around some of the censor bs in other countries.

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    Yeah lots of Chinese players on Sarlona. I actually enjoy the language barrier sometimes. Requires everyone to really know their role and be able to cooperate without communication.
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