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    Default Farewell but not Goodbye

    I'm ready to semi-retire from DDO. I've hit all my main goals and am satisfied.

    And what I mean by this is I am now a casual player who will take frequent breaks from the game, else this is a 10 GB chat client.

    I am also filling this post with nostalgic notes for myself to read in the far, far future for personal amusement ~



    - Atmadarkwolf for introducing me to the game. He has been retired since the introduction of the Forgotten Realms as it was the Eberron lore that appealed to him.

    - Hiyashi/Xiaogou being that she is my girlfriend, she is the only reason I even gave DDO a chance despite all the awful, terrible, boring dullness that is F2P sewage quests. She is also retired and I would have retired with her a year ago if not for how close I was to completionist.

    - Talamrail and Fortwunty for making my first guild experience in DDO fun. The guild was called 'Full Bore Linear Panic' and no longer exists.

    - Krack for inviting me into the D O M I N I O N guild back in 2009 and introducing me to some of the end game players who avoid PuGs like the plague. I eventually left the guild when I became the only person active in the guild ; before their reform or whatever happened.

    - League of Elite Adventurers guild, the guild I was in the longest. Mezros, Ceelee, Lan and Sam in particular. I couldn't have asked for a better static group to run my final life / first completionist life with. I recently left the guild in July 2013 to minimize my social agenda as a step to semi retire from DDO.

    - I now run a solo-guild called 'Ace of Spades' to avoid random blind guild invites. Thanks Asella, Moriia, Ironpope and Sam for dumping your active mules in my guild so that I can maintain 300% renown bonus.

    - Blinal for being a long time leveling/raiding partner.

    - Dilnu for being a more recent leveling partner and for making my final major DDO side project much more enjoyable to level, my second raid healer. Getting each other killed while casually leveling from 1 to 20 in about five days; emphasis on casually.


    How I began DDO... it was terrible!

    A friend of mine whom a few of you may recognize as Atmadarkwolf dragged my girlfriend and I into Dungeons and Dragons Online. This was shortly after 'Free to Play' was implemented. Despite his nudges and nagging at how awesome the game was, I simply wasn't convinced.

    We gave the game a chance so that Atma would stop begging us to join him. After a week of dull colored kobolds, undeads, horrific melee animation, more kobolds, more undeads, sewers, sewers, sewers, sewers, sewers and more sewers, I still wasn't convinced. I was about ready to quit.

    Honestly, when F2P was first introduced, it was a terrible experience for new players. I'm talking about the transitional phase DDO underwent, things such as sigils that were required raise your level cap either by reward chance or by paying via Premium account - which were suddenly removed after I had paid for one (meh).

    One thing Turbine did right at the time was including Tempest Spine as F2P content. I will always remember that raid, my first raid, that gained my interest in DDO and convinced me to try premium content - Demon Sands / Gianthold / Vale. And... here I am today!


    My three most known lives

    Back when F2P was a new thing, I was a tempest ranger with trap skills by the name of Kuniken on his second life. I was Sarlona's top DPS as far as Raid PuGs were concerned - emphasis on PuG. I believe all the veteran players at the time were afraid of F2P PuGs - so again, emphasis on PuG. I was also known for solo-ing epic quests all the time and had in progress epic LFMs up daily, back when there was a daily timer per epic quest.

    When Pale Masters were first introduced, I was the most active public raid leader who would also tank the bosses as a PM Wizard - namely VoD, HoX and ToD. I want to think that I'm the first PM raid boss tank in Sarlona because PM had just barely came out, but if I'm not then I was certainly the most PuG-friendly. Note that this was back when everyone argued AM prestige was superior to PM prestige (Which in my opinion, they are equal - just depends on what your end game goal is). My girlfriend, Xiaogou, was always the raid healer and assisted me with harms if I were unable to cast. We were especially well known for hosting a 100% success rate HoX twice a week.

    At present, I am a Favored Soul with 2 Monk levels splashed. I am built to survive and heal primarily with renewel and cocoon. My number one cause of death is Flesh to Stone. I tend to jokingly preach that if you cannot survive two seconds per renewel or cocoon tick that you don't deserve to live - but I don't mean it, I still throw out real heals if you are in danger and in range and not blocked by an invisible wall. I used to have a 67 stunning fist DC through a min/max wisdom build. After the enhancement pass and seeing how 67 stunning fist DC didn't satisfy me for end game content, I forfeited stunning fist for the Dragon Mark of Finding - Because why not + now it only takes 1 feat slot, not 3. I am passive about chest buffing, if the group wishes to wait for me to buff the chest then I will. And if the group doesn't wish to wait for chest buffs then I simply won't comment on the matter.

    Also throughout any of my lives, not limited to the three mentioned, I would offer raid tutoring in my PuGs if new people are present, particularly all the classic raids; especially Tempest's Spine, VoN and Titan. Nothing like scaring 10 veteran pikers by giving the newbie the voice and ring in VoN 5 and yet still completing in twenty minutes while teaching the newbie everything he needs to know - meanwhile the 10 veteran pikers probably still don't have a clue as to how to run the raid and never care to learn despite my offer to teach /sigh.


    Random things in no particular order that I'm proud of

    - Blowing up Atmadarkwolf in undermine. I set a bomb simultaneously as he set his bomb but my bomb was placed exactly where I knew he'd retreat to.

    - Getting Dilnu killed in Heroic Elite Cabal for One. I intentionally killed off the named hobgoblin at the beginning so that the traps would be active. I then warned the other 4 party members about the traps I set off to kill Dilnu. We watched Dilnu who unknowingly zerged into the first trap and died.

    - 3 Manning Elite at level VoN5 and Titan with Xiaogou and Atmadarkwolf. Yes, this is possible. It took a few tries to get the timing right, but one person can hit all 3 levers on one side to the north. You still need 3 people minimum to launch one person with the air jet, 2 at the bottom each taking 2 levers. For titan raid, you only need 3 minimum to do the red puzzle. Credit to Atma for suggesting we can 3 man these.

    - Tanking the Demon Queen on the Heroic Elite Raid at level 14, including her rage phase when her health is low.

    - Solo-ing the Demon Queen on Heroic Elite Raid at level 14

    - Solo-ing Velah on Heroic Elite at level 12.

    - 2 Man Epic Elite VoN 6. Because the other 10 members had either already forfeit, fell into the market or would die the moment I resurrect them. The remaining 4 members helped take down Velah after the bases were done. Epic Destinies did not exist at this time.

    - Solo-ing part 4 of Elite shroud because the party wiped on a tempest ranger before epic destinies existed and when Mineral II Greensteels or +5 Metalline of Pure Good were considered end game weapons. Manyshots helped clear gnoll rounds and I was able to umd heal scroll myself when needed. This was back when high Armored Class made you godly.

    - Solo healing at level Heroic Elite Chronoscope, full 12 man PuGs countless times - emphasis on PuG.

    - Successfully disarming every single heroic elite traps and doors while being levels equal to or below the quest level.

    - Solo-ing Elite Running with the Devils at level 18 in full dungeon scaling on a Rogue via Bluff, Sneak and Assassinations

    - Assassinating two ghaeles in a single assassination strike

    - Accomplishing Discreet Bonus on every single quest that would allow it.

    - Solo healing full Reaver's Fate PuGs at level 16 on any class, especially amusing on barbarian

    - Carrying 5 soul stones while solo-ing Elite In the Flesh end fight at level 15

    - Being a pale master raid tank masochist with my girlfriend harming me

    - Enthralling and dancing every single thing in game heroic and epic that can be influenced up to U18 before I TR'd out of bard life

    - Completing quests solo elite with only misadventures from traps and explosive barrels: Kobold's New Ringleader, Swiped Signet, Etc

    * Note that because of how powerful epic destinies are, I feel that there is nothing to brag about for current epic content and thus why all my prideful moments are primarily in heroic elite content. I have done every single thing on EE including Update 19 and meh. Don't get me wrong, EE is fun but all the real challenges are facing heroic elite content at level with your lower level limitations and smaller pool of resources and options.

    Little random things that I enjoyed very much

    - Candy Cane being used as a monk weapon

    - Staring at Velah Cookies, they look so cute >_<

    - Watching Earth Elementals and Hezrou Dance

    - Shooting and even aiming a charged rune arm during emotes including flex and sleep

    - Over-healing others by ridiculous amounts

    - Piking Kobold Assault with an Invulnerability armor and guards/pets to kill them

    - Killing things by way of spamming rainbow power (Prismatic Spray)

    - Watching a melee beat down an enemy for a long time before I instant kill it with Finger of Death/Destruction/etc when it reaches a tiny sliver of health - note that I only do this to friends who can handle the joke
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    Default Farewell

    Quote Originally Posted by Dracey View Post
    [b]I'm ready to semi-retire from DDO. I've hit all my main goals and am satisfied.
    League of Elite Adventurers (LoEA) misses ya!

    I passed on the post to the guild. We're still running the static leveling groups and having loads of fun!

    Enjoy the retirement and may real life be as entertaining and fun as game life!
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    I thought you told me you were going to rip off someone's favored soul archer build this update Not leave

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeebaNeighba View Post
    I thought you told me you were going to rip off someone's favored soul archer build this update Not leave
    Oh I'm not leaving entirely. It's kinda hard to go cold turkey so I'm still lurking around 1 hour of DDO per week for shroud Plus I would like to finish off Kuniken's 20th Abbot for that evil quiver whenever turbine decide to reopen the raid =/ I think he's at 17 completions.

    And yeah... I said I was going to convert my elf AA / 12 ninja spy monk / 6 ranger / 2 rogue / thousand star / manyshot user into a 18 fvs/2monk archer (very similar to Kuniken's build except archer oriented feats and elf race instead of human) using the +20 heart of wood. But I screwed up because of the following, and I quote:

    "Hearts of Wood (including the +20 Heart of Wood that every character receives with the release of the Shadowfell Conspiracy) do not allow characters to have more than three classes during the reincarnation process, including "future" levels they haven't taken yet during the respec process, since DDO remembers what class levels you had prior to reincarnating even if the player intended to have only three classes by the end of the process. The solution is to use one reincarnation to 'strip' an unwanted third class, and once your character has only two classes, another reincarnate can be used to add a new third class. There is no way to bypass this, nor does In-Game Support have the ability to perform class changes manually."
    So I just wasted my +20 heart on that character. I might consider to one day fix her through means of TR-ing as opposed to wasting more lesser hearts. But I need a super long (Like 2 years long) DDO break first :]

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