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    Default Cannith Challenge Items, masterful craftmanship, minimum levels, durability/hardness

    OK - so I give the xpax a 90% success. Abbot broken (again - to be expected) - mac login issue - a couple new exploits; but all-in-all very few bugs.

    However, some things I am irate about. Changing ml of existing named items without even so much as a whisper in the release notes - just *wham-bam-thank....*

    I will live with that - and the horrible in-game support given to that and the following issue:

    Cannith challenge gear - tier 3 with masterful craftmanship I - working EXACTLY the way it is intended (lowering minimum level by 2) - then the masterful craftmanship failing -

    so one does what you would expect - take the item and clean it - and reapply MCI - only to find it doesn't work all the time - but when it does - you find the item is ruined because the hardness and durability is totally wanked down to the NML ring level.

    Plus the stated and actual values for dodge, and lore are completely wrong. it is like the dev's completely spaced these highly popular items during the updating process.

    Bug report filed, (reported in lamda also)

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