With U19 Shiradi Sorcs are still an extremely viable choice for end game. There are some new twists and many more choices to make when building your Shiradi, and I hope to cover most of them in this thread. Some has been covered before, some may be very new to everyone.

  • The biggest change is the addition of the Spellcraft Skill. This is where you get a bonus to your Universal Spell Power - it's very important that you lesser reincarnate your pre-U19 Shiradi Sorc to take this skill. MAX IT OUT!!!
  • Repair Spells (including Reconstruct) get boosted by the Repair SKILL. While you're LR-ing to take Spellcraft, be sure to add to your repair skill in order to get a big enough Reconstruct to fill your red bar from under 100 HP.
  • Obvilusly, and most importantly, the enhancement pass. You'll want to spend some time getting used to the UI and the changes that have been made. Many things have moved, and many feat pre-requisites are GONE!! (YAY)

Choices, Choices, Choices:
  • 20 Sorc - This really isn't an option for Shiradi Sorcs post-U19. WHY? No more +20 SP (not that this was a game breaker to begin with) The Savant Trees are better now, but the capstones are garbage - what you lose in SP and spells, you gain so much more by multi-classing
  • 18 Sorc/2 Pally - This was the best Shiradi build (and still my favorite) pre-u19. Now, it's a toss up. Pros: Ultra High saves - you should be in the 50s-60s on all of your saves. This is adequate for 99% of the content in the game now. Cost: Overall damage output is lower than other choices. Reality - this is still the best Shiradi Build for SOLOING EE content
  • 18 Sorc /2 FvS - This is the best DPS Shiradi build out there. It leverages the Angel of Vengence tree to build your Spell Power as high as possible. Pros: DPS Cost: Loss of the high saves that the 2 pally splash gives you. Reality - this build is better for group play. While I'm sure you can solo EE content with this build, it becomes much more difficult.
  • 18 Sorc /2 Monk - This build has been around for a long time. The 2 Monk splash gives you access to almost all of the monk tree, an additional feat, and (of course) EVASION. This is the build I have the least experience with, but with feat pre-reqs gone, I can see this becoming a very viable option for the new EE content. High reflex save +evasion + dodge = survivability. Pros: Likely nearly un-hittable when toe-to-toe Cons: Lose the high DPS and high fort and will saves.

What does this all boil down to?

Play Style - how do you play?
Do you prefer the big(ger) BOOM you get from the FvS Splash or the Survivability of the Pally/Monk splashes?
Are you more of a group player or a solo artist?
What type of play makes you smile?

There's more to come, but I think that's enough for a first post.