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    Default WAY too many active abilities in the new enhancement trees...

    My melee-centric toons all feel like spellcasters now. On most of my toons I don't even know what keys to bind all this to.
    I'm minimalistic, I only bind keys that are within easy reach: Q,E,V,B,F,G,1,2,3,4... But you know what, it's worked in the past, even on my monks!

    On top of all the spellcasting and combat feats, my FvS now has SIX NEW active abilities from the enhancement tree. And there's even MORE coming once I start leveling epic destinies. This is overkill. I can't bind all of this without having to use draconic, off-hand keys. Why are these active abilities necessary? Where did they even come up with all this from? Weren't we supposed to keep some sort of parity with pen & paper?

    I'm not saying the update is bad, but I feel like a lot of the enhancements are just misguided, and try to bring the fun aspects of Epic Destinies to heroic levels, but it gets bogged down with all the actives now. Most of this stuff is completely unnecessary to begin with, content below end-game was easy enough without getting misc DPS/Armor boosts. These are the sort of thing you look at and go "neat", but rarely ever going to make REAL use of for most of the game.
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