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    Default Ramdisk and DDO - 8gb tutorial "Boost ur Game"

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    Hello all, i start create new thread after read "How to make the game loading faster - DDOPreload official".
    All we know how this game load long or don't load or need double load. DDOPreload can do fix this. So why i think Ramdisk it's better option then Preload or SSD. Tell u why

    - A ramdisk would have approximatel 10x the speed and bandwidth of the SSD
    - Ramdisk speeds up the game completely. Whenever a change of location, instance, load quests, load game, this takes few or 1sec ?,
    - DDO running moar than fast + incredible reduction stuttering ... so I can say that experience of playing in DDO will take on a new dimension.

    but, if something is wrong optimized whatever tricks you use, it's can not be fix it eveningstar location FPS are really suck there
    ok. Let's start

    step 1. Download Link Shell Extension and Ramdisk

    chose if u have 32bit system operation <--install first (required to install HardLinkShell) <--Install second

    chose if u have 64bit System operation <--install first (required to install HardLinkShell) <--install second (required to install HardLinkShell) <--install third <-- Download free Ramdisk Lite

    -all right? going to step 2

    Step 2. Create disk in ur ram
    -Open Ramdisk and select the "setting" tab,
    Basic Setting: set the Disk size "4092" FAT32 Partition
    Format Options: - don't create TEMP Directory (should be uncheck)
    - Set Disk Label (my name is "DDO")
    - Check "Windows boot Sector"
    -Click on Button "Start RAMDisk"
    -select Load/Save tab
    Image File: C:\RAMDisk.img (default place where ur ram save data)
    Load Options: check "Load Disk Image at Startup"
    Save Options: uncheck "Save Disk Image at Shutdown" (we save manualy, don't need do save this every time when u off PC )
    u should see button "Save Disk Image Now" ( we click this later ) but now minimalize program and going to next Step

    Step 3. cut game file and create shortcut
    -go to ur DDO folder and select: -client_anim
    -cut (don't use copy command, we need to cut this file)
    -paste to new folder (just create new folder where u want)
    -copy (yes copy not cut now all file from ur new folder to ur new Disk (this is Disk aka ramdisk what u create in step 2)
    - when paste command are finish select all file on ur ramdisk->click right mouse button->"Pick Link Source"-> go to ur main DDO folder->right click button and drop as "Symblic link"

    now DDO start use file on ur ramdisk. we Done but we not finish yet.

    Step 4. Save/Load & what's doing when game need to be update
    -Save/Load: click on ur minimize window with program (ramdisk) go to Load/Save tab and click button "Save Disk Image now" (this take few sec), u save image from ramdisk to ur real HDD/SDD.
    Every time when u reboot PC need to open program "ramdisk"->change tab to "Load/Save"->browse ur img.file ("Load Disk Image at start" need to be check)->Click button "Start Ramdisk

    Update Game:
    -when DDO need to be update u must delete shortcut SymblicLink from ur main DDO folder->then next u need to restore real file from ramdisk or new folder (this new folder who create in step 3.)
    -open luncher let update game file. after update u need to repeat Step 3.

    That's all.

    ps.if you learn the program you can do this with every game, u can boost web browser (temp file), swap file

    ps2. in my friend

    created by Sanjogahara from Cannith
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    Default I Remember Back in the Day...

    Wow - a RAM disk...not sure I've seen/heard of that in *mumbles inaudiably* years. This was done in "times long ago" for running frequently used programs that took for ever to load when launched. Normally, the RAM disk was set-up in a batch file that automatically created the RAM disk, and copied your program(s) to it. Often, it was done in your autoexec.bat file. RAM has always been faster than any storage device and with today's RAM prices being (relative) inexpensive, looks like the ol' RAM disk may just make a come back.

    Nice summary. Although, I'm not sure you need to "cut" any files - as I recall, one only copied files into the RAM disk and called the programs from there. But I could be mistaken (it has been years since I've messed with a RAM disk).

    Since I will be getting a new system "SOON™" with lots of 'extra' RAM, I'm going to have to look at setting up a RAM disk. Thanks for the idea!

    Keep in mind: A RAM disk will act like an actual hard drive/thumb drive/other read/write storage device but it WILL NOT retain any files - when you turn off your computer, the RAM disk will literally disappear and all files on it will be gone. So don't store anything on it you want to keep - always copy back to an actual drive.
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