I used the +20 heart of wood to lose my druid level as i didn't want it anymore with the enhancement pass and upon completing the process it would appear as if I have doubled my epic experience I was on 2.5m about half way to 25 and now i have 5m I have not leveled o 25 yet as I exclusively play with a friend and we only play together and this has kind of ruined that as now i have over leveled him buy 2.5m experience. He is in the rez process now to see if the same thing will happen to him. Is this working as intended or have I accidentally earned 2.5m exp for free?

Normally you would assume I lucked out but because I play with a friend only it has kind of ruined teh experience as we were always the same and enjoyed being that way can you roll back my character and give me another heart of wood? or fix my exp values?


He just finished nothing different happened to him so i leveled to 25 after I did it told me I have -80 action points to spend after freezing for a minute, and on leveling to 26 it has me picking out a new feat but the only feat im allowed to take is toughness, Something weird happening here? Help please