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Fists of Light is a feat, and is a light attack. I don't think any of the Shintao attacks are light anymore.

I assume Fists of Darkness is still a dark attack. I don't know which are void attacks anymore.
The only void attack is the MASSIVELY nerfed Void Strike at the top of the completely **** Henshin tree. So monks who were used to charming or giving out moment of clarity are screwed. Also Void 3 is gone completely so you can't do the daze there.

No one using wraps is seriously going to not take empty handed and meditations of war, so (the also nerfed) touch of death is gone too.

Can't charm, can't ToD, can't void strike 4, can't void strike 3, no capstone ki regen, less heal amp. Yeah, great freaking enhancement pass for monks. Even with empty handed and meditations the melee DPS of a monk is utter **** compared to an antique wielder. "Monks" now means taking 8 levels of fighter so you can wield an antique greataxe or esos too.