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    Default Gold Limit, Really?!

    Please remove the gold limit. I understand limiting a free player's access to classes and other content, since you have to make money, but the gold limit is obnoxious and just makes me not want to buy anything at all.
    Why should I bother to buy anything from the ddo store, or get the new expansions, if the perception given off is that I'll just be limited on those too?

    There is a difference between restricting content and directly interfering with gameplay. I've seen this in other online games and, honestly, I expected better from WotC. You need to convince players to buy things with how awesome your game is, not attempt to childishly force them into it.

    To add onto this, I think it's lazy marketing and design. It is the responsibility of the creators, of any game, to attract customers and sales by creating excitement. If you have to force me to pay, instead of getting me to want to play, it makes me wonder if the game is actually worth my time or not.

    Keep in mind that there are plently of other free games that aren't as obnoxious in which players can pay for content. Just on Mac and Linux alone I have at least 20 mmo games of similar quality (if, admittadly, not quite as fun), so I can't even imagine the total number of free to play's I would have on Windows.
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