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    12 Fighter/6 Monk/2 Paladin, Human, LG

    This build offers solid DPS, good saves, decent self-heals, good survivability.


    (as a 34 pt)

    Str: 17 (+all level ups)
    Dex: 10
    Con: 17
    Int: 8
    Wis: 8
    Cha: 14

    For 32 point, easier on tomes, newer player friendly I would drop Con to 16 and raise Dex to 11. This would forgoe Epic Toughness and allow for Dodge with a +2 tome.

    For 28 point, as above with 32 point modifications I would drop Str to 16 and drop Cha to 13.

    For 36 point, I would raise Cha to 15.


    *note this character has a +3 int tome, tho a +2 would reflect same outcome with LRing*

    Balance: 6 ranks
    Intim: 23 ranks
    Jump: 5 ranks
    Swim: 5 ranks
    Tumble: 2 ranks
    UMD: 11 ranks


    *note, Feat placement can be very tricky. I didn't record the exact point I took what, but bear in mind what would count as a monk bonus feat, fighter bonus feat, and any pre-reqs. Also, this character has a +3 dex tome, which allows for Dodge to be taken. I will flesh out feat selection more refined at a later date*

    Magical Training
    Power Attack
    Stunning Blow
    Great Cleave
    WF: Slash
    WS: Slash
    GWF: Slash
    GWS: Slash
    IC: Slash
    Master Monk Stance
    Grand Master Monk Stance
    Force of Personality *Placeholder feat. Paladin active PL feat, Completionist, etc, would take this spot.

    Epic Feats

    *note this character has a +4 con tome to qualify for EToughness*

    Overwhelming Crit
    Epic Toughness
    Epic DR

    ED Feats

    Perfect THF (requires 1 primal maxed)
    Tactician (requires 1 martial maxed)

    Heroic Enhancements

    Human 12

    Damage Boost
    Str I
    Skill Boost
    Con I
    Action Surge: Str II
    Improved Recovery II

    Kensei 35

    Focus: Axes
    Spiritual Bond
    Strike with no Thought
    Power Surge
    Tactics III
    Weapon Specialization IV
    Keen Edge
    Improved Dodge III
    One with the Blade
    Haste Boost III
    Weapon Meditation I
    Shatering Strike I
    Deadly Strike I
    Str I

    Ninja Spy 11

    Ninja Training
    Ninja Training
    Shadow Veil
    Sneak Attack Training I
    Acrobatic III
    Agility III

    Shintao 11

    Bastion of Purity
    Reed in the Wind I
    Exemplar III
    Iron Skin III

    Knight of the Chalice 11

    Hunter of the Dead I
    Extra Turning III
    Extra Smite I
    Divine Might III

    Epic Destiny

    Legendary Dreadnought

    Tactics III
    Extra Action Boost III
    Improved Power Attack
    Momentum Swing III
    Lay Waste
    Critical Damage III
    Devastating Critical
    Headsman's Chop
    Advancing Blows
    Master's Blitz

    Epic Twists

    Standing with Stone
    Bane of Undeath


    15 - Planar Set
    15 - Earth Stance
    15 - Standing with Stone (Twist)
    15 - Iron Skin
    10 - Epic DR
    14 - Slotted Sheltering 14

    84 atm.

    If I can work in the new ring with Sheltering 24 on it, would be looking at 96 PRR.


    3 - Feat
    6 - Enhancements
    8 - Item
    5 - Monk?

    22 in Earth Stance
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