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    Default post update prepatch1/postpatch1 enhancement bug?

    Has anyone else encountered this? I logged in on prepatch 19, no LR/TR/free +0LR, set enhancements to whatever, and now post patch 1 (the hotfix before todays), get behavior like the following:

    On my pure 17 monk, the monk powers all say he needs at least one level in monk to use them. Not all powers are affected, quivering palm is, but the new toggle for improved elemental stances is not. The monk level is green in the tool tip lol.

    On an drow, picked the drow racial venom blades line, after the hotfix, it now says she needs one level in venom blades, when the ui shows three points in venom blades and the prereq as well.

    -- confusing tool tips or?

    In order for a kensai to take the tier 5 focus any weapon enhancement (the one that centers a non-monk weapon, dont recall the names yet), the fighter must have twelve levels to acquire greater weapon spec, as it is required for an earlier prereq in the chain. The tool tip for the focus any weapon enhancement says you only need 5 levels in fighter. This is not true as level 12 fighter is the only source of GWS?

    In order to take the improved critical enhancement, itself a prereq to focus any weapon, you must have improved critical in your kensai focus weapon, which does not stack with the keen weapon enhancement. Why is the prereq for an enhancement the exact same non-stacking effect as the enhancement it is the prereq for?

    Or do none of the kensai effects work properly on unarmed handwraps, and/or staves? I havent test yet with a slasher.

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    1 unless they stealth nerfed it (not that everyone doesn't expect them to) you need 8 fighter to get weapon FOCUS (not specialization again unless they just changed it. the specialization you're seeing is "Weapon GROUP specialization" in the Kensei tree, not the feat weapon specialization, confused? yeah nice naming conventions) still it's more than 5 but seriously that ability is OP even if it requires 12 fighter because a monk can take grand master of forms (stances) feats without being 12th level (unless they stealth nerfed it*) meaning you can have all that earth stance crit goodness and PRR and Ninja Spy Shadow fade while wielding weapons with crit profiles that were never intended to be monk weapons that benefit from stances.

    *unless they stealth nerfed it**

    **did they nerf it already?

    Oh yeah

    2 Improved crit: weapon type feat very much does "stack" with Kensei crit rage improvement. The feat doubles a non Keen WEAPONS AFFIX, the Kensei ability gives +1 range, the (Keen weapons Enhancement).

    3 Double check because a lot of people are reporting their enhancement selections are becoming unstuck this might be whe you're seeing.
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