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I will not allow myself to repeat things, be droned into boredom, thus said by less content, we are glad you are working for more content. How about non linear plots I just go for the story line, have no Idea what power means.

Cheers to good, ;awful good, evil, lawful evil plots with different outcomes. Win or loose, how can a scene be broken when it's total absence does not inspire amelioration/bettering of the experience.

I hope you make it not only functional, but more exceptional and unimaginable (fantastic) rather that I saw that ending coming.....

Cheers. (lately I killed a village, just after defeating their hero, same outcome. I wanted to attack a thousand troops legions... just for the fact that things should go wrong and we expect fantasy games to be off the hinge... I rfesurected WOAH! I regenerated lost limbs after a critical hit WOAH! In development means push the envelope, call me if you need assistance, I'll even wax your shoes cheers and much love.
Woah. Dungeons and Dadaists Online.