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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubbinns View Post
    You're projecting actually. Derailment? Funny. Argument is vast explorer areas are time consuming to get to the quests. Maybe you just like seeing yourself type?

    Astral Shards are what is wrong with the explorers. If u enjoy explorer areas so much then go freaking do them, leave the rest of us with an option not to. No one is stopping you, so why are you even commenting here?

    As for the what a shortcut is. Why isnt there a quick easy way to get to the quests, no one is stopping you from hiking it pal
    They're not time consuming when you know how to get to them from the harper camps. You just want someone to hold your hand and lead you to them.

    I've tagged all of the explorers to open up my map first time I went in. So thanks, I've had my fun with them. You don't need to share that fun if you don't want to. The choice is yours.

    You've said it yourself. You have an option not to find the explorers. It costs you AS. Maybe you should petition for an option to spend even more AS to open up your map without finding the explorers?

    And again, there are quick ways to get to the quests - find the camps or spend the AS. This will get even more tedious very quickly if we have to repeat everything until you understand.

    Ah wait, I think I might understand what you're looking for now. You want a way to get to the quests which is 1. instant 2. free ..... like the option you get when you enable Public Grouping?

    So if you look at it again, pal, you'll see that there are ample options open to you. Happy now?

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