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Thread: Search bugged?

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    Default Search bugged?

    I was about to search for something in the forums, don't want to post a new thread if the matter is already being discussed somewhere... When I hit ENTER or the search icon, it does absolutely nothing.

    Oh wait, it does. It clears my search field text and reloads the page. No search results.

    Oh well...

    note: and PLEASE PLEASE make the new thread Title field WHITE! I can barely see the title I have just wrote in here... Its grey when not selected, and dark grey when active. If text is black, do the math.
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    Yes, hasn't changed since what was addressed yesterday.

    via the nifty little dev tracker

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    In recent days we have been investigating sporadic errors with and the DDO Forums that manifest in 502 or 504 "Bad Gateway" errors. As part of our investigation into this issue, we will be disabling some Search and Advanced Search functionality. If you are not able to search in the coming days, then it is because of this action taken. Thanks! We'll try to get back search functionality to as many folks as possible, as soon as possible.

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