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Thread: DDO Bonus Days!

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    Default DDO Bonus Days!

    DDO Bonus Days brings you +2 Loot, now through August 25th!

    P.S. - Yes, this stacks with Loot Boosts and such.
    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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    Will this be extended by a day as it looks as if the EU is about to lose their prime playing hours for Thursday evening?

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    Would like to see an extension as well considering all the bugs cutting into playtime.

    P.S. PLEASE disable shadow AI that makes them run away when low on HP, it is causing TONS of issues!
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    Thumbs up Stacking... I want a monkey :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    DDO Bonus Days brings you +2 Loot, now through August 25th!

    P.S. - Yes, this stacks with Loot Boosts and such.
    Ok my kids are trained 3d graphic programmers, I am having them make a monkey (capuchin) with black suite, and 4 gloves, on a leash to my characters neck. What would it cost me for this esthetic helmet item ? I mean I have two children to program it they are 19-20 yrs old.

    is it money, or can I favor some staph with my jewelry competence, I'm a welder, maybe build you a metal fence ??? Love the game, just an eccentric Ad&D 1 fanatic.

    The limits of my imagination are boundless. Get Ubisoft involved (anatomically correct) we cant all lay eggs, get EA games involved... just don't sell out to CAca cola, or ATARI... if they do not intend to make it the best virtual experience ever!!!!

    Cheers to imagination. Thank you wizards of the coast, Hasbro. always loved the products (takeover merger... expand... 10six example, b17 from virgin, the online world is the passion of my life ) I want to crash an airship Love the recent changes...

    Gee this sounds like a marriage proposal {8¬ p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoner81 View Post
    ^ THIS

    + Kobold like shinies

    but kobold still hates you.

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