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    Default Help with a build for my next life?

    Alright, since the update I've used the LR+20 on one of my toons to turn him from an 18 monk to a 12 wizard/6 monk. Standing in wraith form, using grandmaster stances, and utilizing ninja spy for dex to hit and damage along with centered short swords, I am really enjoying how the build plays. My last two levels will probably be fighter to grab a few feats I am missing, but for now I am focusing on improving the build for next life. So here is what I am planning with for now:

    12 wizard / 6 ranger / 2 monk

    (36 points, minimum +2 tomes on all, some with +3s)
    str 11
    Dex 18
    Con 14
    Int 13
    Wisdom 8
    Cha 8

    Progression: (W = Wizard, R = Ranger, M = Monk)

    Feats: (W = wizard bonus, H = human bonus, M = monk bonus)
    1. Dodge, Maximize(W), Combat Expertise(H)
    2. Mobility(M)
    3. Precision
    6. Adept of forms
    8. Quicken(W)
    9. Spring Attack
    12. Master of forms
    15. improved critical pierce
    17. Empower(W)
    18. GTWF
    20. Power Attack(M)
    21. Grandmaster of forms

    Plan is to use Palemaster for wraith and vamp forms, monk gains us grandmaster forms. tempest and ninja spy give a boost to dodge, as well as allowing us to stay centered with short swords and adding dex to hit and damage. improved forms gives it 35% miss chance from wraith form alone, displacement gives 50%, and the dodge should easily reach at least 25%. Extra 10% off hand strike from tempest, running with auras and an aoe up. dots or archmage chain missile sla if it needs to stay at range, seems pretty good to me. Will be using envenomed blades from 16 onward, less then that will probably be loot gen items. Biggest problem I see would be hit points though.

    Well, just wondering what everybody thinks? Any advice on this would be nice, especially help with getting feats together. Had to push grandmaster of forms to epic levels due to the bab restriction on gtwf.
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