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    Default Offensive Paladins

    Does anyone honestly think Paladins would be OP if their offensive tree let them do bonus damage both to evil outsiders and undead? Why is this mediocre class forced to pick? It's not as if you ever see any demons at low levels, or many undead at higher levels, or much of either at the highest levels.

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    I agree!! Paladins are completely offensive and should be done away with immediately!!! With their "holier-than-thou" attitudes....and their "no you can't stab the guy we're here to rescue because he can't afford to pay you".....sheesh. Party-puupers.

    Seriously, No I don't think that'd be OP. I don't play paladins, but I do think that would be a cool thing for them to have. Makes sense too.
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    personally, I think paladins aren't "that" far out of line. The real issue is that the virtues of the class just don't translate over as well as they used to. Mainly because a paladin was supposed to be a "tougher" to kill fighter, with melee, heavy plate, and a few self healing options. Solution? add in a bonus feat for paladins at levels 6, 12, and 18
    @6 itwf, ithf, shield mastery, improved shield mastery, stunning blow, improved sunder, empower healing
    @12 gtwf, gthf, improved shield master, stunning blow, improved sunder, empower healign
    @18 3 different feats, depending one your other choices: Sacred Defenses, Sacred Cleave, Sacred Smite,

    Sacred Defenses(probably needs a better name): requires improved shield mastery:
    You put everything into your defense, gain a +5% sacred bonus to armor and PRR

    Sacred Cleaving: Passive feat, requires Great Cleave
    your cleave and great cleave attacks now have a 5% chance of proccing a smite evil effect

    Sacred smite: passive feat,
    when you smite evil/exalted smite, you gain a 10% feat bonus to doublestrike for 6 seconds. This buff activates BEFORE you strike you target (thus granting you a 10% increase to double damage on smite)

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