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    Default A new big stick (halfling q-staff build)

    Thought about LR'ing one of my halfling's into a monk to try out quivering palm w/ monk weapons now.
    Since it's halfling, using dex for damage seems idea, but I'd also like to try q-staffs, since i have quite a few set aside.

    So, in the end, I came up with this:
    Kari the big stick (pun intended)
    32 pt halfling
    15 monk/ 3 rogue/ 2 druid
    12- +1 tome needed by level 3
    18 - all level ups here

    Power attack
    great cleave
    improved critical bludgeoning
    least DM of healing
    empower healing
    improved sunder
    Grandmaster of forms
    have one feat left over before epic levels, probably Maximize to boost DM's
    path of harmonious balance: fists of light (mainly because their t5 henshin is better for a solo toon)

    still have some left overs, not sure what to sue them for.

    15 monk provides quivering palm, full henshin tree, and a good amount of the shintao tree for heal amp and strikes
    3 rogue provides 2 sneak attack, dex to damage with q-staff, and 15% faster attack speed with q-staff.
    2 druid provides access to the metamagic feats, ram's might, Shillelagh, and access to double strike action boost(and that's pretty much it, but the metamagics are kinda important.

    ED-plan, start in GMOF, after 3 levels, switch to LD, level LD up, and alternate destinies depending on quest.

    easily sustainable dex on this character is 18+2 tome+5 levels+9 gear+4 stance +2 halfling= 40, with a wisdom of 15+3 tome +9 gear + 2 henshin + 1 shintao = 30,
    So, QP DC will be 10 + 10(wis) + 6 LD + 2 GMOF +10 shatter +7 monk levels + 5 exceptional combat mastery= 50 in wind stance, add 2 if i switch to ocean stance. Also, keep in mind that when I actually use it, I should have about ~40% doublestrike.

    May not be EE capable, but I think the build could handle EH solo fairly well.

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    Default Fun!

    This looks pretty fun for sure! I might try two - one Halfling and one Shadar-Kai. Obviously, I lose the Dragon Marks, but there are some other fun stuff there as well!

    I've been wondering about the q-staff build as I really wanted to try one!

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    Looks great. I have been toying with q-staff builds my self.
    Went 15 rouge 3 druid 2 monk. The level 3 druid give u up to 25 attack speed.

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