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Thread: Best Healbot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hkusp45 View Post
    your job is to heal the players doing the damage , your spell damage & mele damage are insignificant for the most part . just focus on the red bars of other players doing the real damage . after the new enhancements my cleric now has 420 positive spell power shown good luck getting that number without going pure cleric , the healing aura base heal on my toon is 68 (10% heal amp) It seems to crit more often then not for 136.

    healbot is never a wasted slot in a group , players love to have a healer watchin there health .
    95% of the time you are not needed to hjealbot.

    On that 5% of the time twist in cacoon and renew, buy a few stacks of scrolls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulfurnace View Post
    Uh.. if someone is being healed for 4-500, I'm not healing them again. They are a drain on sp, and need to get some heal amp. My cleric: Self healing for 970 at level 17. When he hits epic (and uses ship buffs).. we're looking at a lot more. A stupid amount more. (Not on a crit, of course)

    Now, tell me what's so good about a pure cleric versus splashed.

    The splash I suggested gets +6 reflex, 85 positive energy (heals), 5% heal amp and +3 saves vs traps, along with evasion. I don't see what pure offers, aside from the meh capstone.
    I meant 4-500 base, before heal amp. Maybe it's just because I wasn't running a caster build that I had SP to throw a 2nd heal if it was necessary, but I didn't mind doing it.

    Pure Cleric seems to only be nice with radiant servant, which only boosts every 5th heal. I haven't tried it out, so I don't know if there's a counter or something to keep track of it, but doing it mentally would be a pain. So I would recommend multiclassing as well. Ranger actually has a significant positive energy boost from just 1 level, various 2 level splashes give free feats, low tier enhancement goodies etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeebaNeighba View Post
    I meant 4-500 base, before heal amp.
    Hehe, that makes more sense.
    Even though, I'm at 574 base (irrc).. So they still need some damn heal amp!

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