We don't use Voice.
We don't use RL names.
We don't talk about RL issues, lifestyles, locations, vacations, children, pets etc.
We don't Cyber Sex. (So it doesn't matter what age or sex your character's soul is.)

What we do:
Build characters with a back-story based on existing game story arcs, locations, politics, religions and Houses.
Use SAY and EMOTE whenever possible.
Stay In-Character at all times.
Limit Out Of Character OOC, to tells and avoid it except in situations which demand it.

If you are looking for old school, full immersion role play - You have found it.

This is a ground-floor opportunity as we are just beginning (currently level 15) but our first ship is bought and paid for and awaits our arrival at level 20.

Please read the About and Articles of Organization entirely at:


And contact us if interested.