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Thread: Inventory space

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    Default Inventory space

    Before we are at lvl 100 and all items are bound to character could you please do something with that character inventory spacewise so we could actually have a place to put all these bound to character items.

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    I ran some of the new content yesterday just to take a look in between reworking my many characters. With the amount of BTCOA loot you folks are putting out, it's about damn time for some more storage space.
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    Default Hidden Cache Items?? Really??

    I agree, my toon that's halfway to completionist is definitely gonna have to trash some BtC stuff before next TR. Just having one more bank tab would be nice, BUT, being able to see everything in the reincarnation cache would seem a no-brainer. Why does everything past 100 items have to be hidden???

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    I can only agree. More storage space needed asap. I don't care if it comes in form of another bank tab, inventory tab or bags as long as it helps me to store the items I collect throughout my journeys.

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    You had me at inventory space


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    I apparently have lots of inventory space...

    After the retroactive loot fux by the loot devs, many of my treasured non standard level items all got reworked and made worthless.
    So they all got recycled into the deconstruction alter.

    Most of the new BTC items are not worth a second look compared to random drop stuff so I have been taking the tales of valor and they dont take up any space..
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