From Release Notes:
The party scaling curve has been extended to include the Epic level of the game. Melee characters, Clerics, and non-gold seal hirelings have had their scaling nudged slightly to better reflect their contribution strengths at Epic levels.

I did an EH quest yesterday with a group of 5 (total), and I was shocked at how much damage I was taking. Before my FVS with a tad over 700 hp usually can wade into mobs on EH and not really worry about taking more damage than my renewal will heal. Yesterday, I had one monster hitting me for 300 or so damage per hit. Two hits dropped me to practically slivered, and I was running away like a baby.

My PRR is the same before and after the enh pass. Could it be the scaling then? It almost felt like I was running on EE. I had to start staying at back of the pack and focus on just healing folks for a good portion of the quest (because they were taking gobs of damage, too). I rarely have to do that.

Maybe I just had a wierd run that is out of the ordinary? Or are the quest really that harder now? Has anyone experienced the same?

If it's really the scaling, then I suppose I'll be soloing more. I want to melee with my FVS, not just babysit hitpoints.