Last night i had time to look at my defender, seems she's gone need a shield for the top tier enhancements to work.
Being capped i took a look at ddo wiki and rejoiced, they created a new shield! great! something worth to grind!

Untill i saw the stats and compaired it to the bullwark shield from GH Tor.

Shield of Morning Large Shield
Epic Elite (Shield Bonus +9, DR 8, ACP -1, ASF 15%), +3 Enhancement Bonus, Solar Guard VII, Random Effect9, Purple Augment Slot

Bulwark of the Storm's Fist - Large Shield
ML25: Shield Bonus +16, DR 14, ACP -1, SF 15, 2.5[1d10], 20x2, +7 Enhancement Bonus, Sheltering +15, Insightful Constitution +3, Purple Augment Slot, Blue Augment Slot

What am i missing here?
are the stats on ddo wiki incomplete or did some one else drop the ball?
this thing is way weaker then the lv 25 shield
As a reminder: none of them are raid shields for fair comparison
I was under the impresion that all the topics on items woke dev's up (on the lamania forum)
To make maters worse: the +1 Master's Riposte is posted just above the first shield....

Can some one confirm the shield stat? (by picture).
If the stats are like the ones in ddo wiki, can some one please explain me why this gear was created weaker then gear 2-3 levels below it? where is the progression?

Spear/hamer/axeblock? On a EE shield? realy? why?
On EE the difference of taking 425 damage or 415 is to small to matter and we get all 3 types of damage thrown at us all the time, this is why we get damage reduction standardly on shields.