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    Quote Originally Posted by Ungood View Post
    Dude, you seriously have an issue with your Rose Colored Glasses being screwed in too tight.

    Sorry, but, when you have a raid, and only a quarter of it's loot (if that), bet you can't name 3 highly sought after items from GH. Amulet of the Stormreaver, Cloudburst, Dreamspitter, Gauntlets of Eternity, Head of Good Fortune, Madstone Boots, Madstone Shield, Ring of Lies, Stormreaver's Napkin, Tenderizer, Treason, Ventilated Bracers
    Ok among this list, there are only a very few items that are Grind Worthy, and even then, only after they are have been upgraded as of late, before they were upgraded, most then were trash. There is really not much here that could not be replaced by Loot Gen, and that means, players will then only run the raid for a few of the excpetional items.

    Case in point: Madstone Boots (Which I am not sure if this is even the case anymore), Dreamspitter (Gotta love glass weapons), but the other stuff was more fluff and flavor then anything else, in fact, to most it was along the lines of "Thanks for the consolation prize"

    In fact, personally that is what ruined the whole thing so quickly, that when Loot gen got upgraded, it made running the older raids not worth the time or the effort anymore, and lo and behold, they are not run anymore. Pikers Fate, was run, because it was insanely easy one time, and you could literally pike a completion, as of late, when they "fixed" it, it dropped in popularity quite quickly, and not, I don't think I have seen LFM for it since I got back.

    Sorry, but Loot-Gen is supposed to be second rate, and anyone that thinks otherwise, I feel misses the whole point of bothering with making named loot to start with, much less raid loot.
    Raid loot should definitely be more valuable than loot-gen, but it doesn't necessarily have to be better. If you wanted DPS, the Dreamspitter was not your weapon of choice, but if you wanted something that could take down high HP helpless targets super-fast (pre-helpless nerf) it was the best thing available in the game to anyone without top tier DPS. Madstone Boots have a totally unique effect that is useful (potentially 4x level in HP, +4 Str, faster attack speed than Haste). The boots aren't necessarily better than anything else you could be wearing--many people still preferred wearing Strider 30s a lot of the time, for example. And you're missing some other good stuff there: the Head of Good Fortune was a really nice item for a long time, as the only source for +2 Luck, and even had a second semi-useful effect on it. The Napkin was the only thing in the game that provided a +1 bonus to all of your save DCs and it provided a top tier stat boost to an important stat (for wizards), and did so in what was largely a dead slot for those characters.

    The problem comes up when +2 and higher luck bonuses start appearing everywhere, when the game shifts to the point where you needn't bother using DC-based spells from schools outside of your primary focus.

    Sure, there needs to be some linear progression on the loot, but it doesn't need to be totally linear. We don't need to go from X DPS weapon one update to X+2 DPS weapon the next update.
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    Default new loot

    The point of named loot is that it has lore and unique effects (especially for its level)
    unique and customizable was done well with greensteel
    unique and fun to pick up at level
    Carnifex, quicksilver cassoc, SoS, torc, chattering ring, madstone boots, tod sets etc
    i enjoyed all of these during many lives on my main and newbies alike.
    they made tr lives fun and gave something to look too with excitement

    the last few years i have seen this happen:
    Terror(the greatsword) made usefull, so darn usefull everybody starts weilding it.
    U14 comes out with this effect on loot gen, becomming OP due to the other weapons critt range, bam! faster then you can cheese this effects gets nerfed, but instead of listening to the player base they also nerf the original weapon, thanks, like 2hf melee's were doing great at lv18-20 with the mob's inflated hp.
    nobody caries this thing anymore.

    ToD sets, used to be great end game gear, i looked foreward to 18 to equip them, now you need the class capstone to equip them (lv 20) why????
    By then all the epic gear easely replaced it.

    Damage sets, remember all those fun sets that added damage? too bad for you, +4 to hit and or damage can be picked up way before lv 18

    If i take an unbiased look at "Named Loot generation" today it looks like a cheap and lazy concept to replace hand crafted magical items, that normaly would have the the lore and unique properties to go allong with it.
    i would realy like to see the return of propper named loot asap.
    instead of fighting cr 60 peasants with a bunch of toothpicks (or wet noodles for that matters), i would like to beat them with that special magic weapon of anciant lore.

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    Default even better

    even better, i want to weild that awesome lore&dps weapon against that epic psionic squid fish thing from outer space that is using those flying cat abomonations to control the pdk and Harpers, forcing them to act like 2 dimensional characters.

    I wanne go to forget those backwatter hicks in Faerun and go back to the political intrigues of Ebberon, can we save king Kius from Vol? Can we bring back the Lord of the blades to the foreground and have the dead mist country reformed as a independent wf country? (FYI, LoB is not a god, though worshipped as one).
    Will we ever find out what dirty secrets the gnomes are hidding to keep an entire Hobgoblin peacefully at bay? What is messing with the mind of the black dragon in that lizard man country?
    Will we ever infiltrate and destroy the transmitters in Sarlona and rescue an entire continent from mental domination?
    Can we unite the houses?
    Can we unite the lands? including the monsterous ones.

    all of these adventure hooks are suiteble for heroic high level game, some even for epics.
    You can introduce the following things in there:
    Gnomes, shifters, kalashtar the races people have been waiting for years now.
    make money by selling templates.
    introducing *FUN* raids with actual named loot instead of loot generated "named loot".
    (although we dont mind the occasional joke item, devs did that for a whille now, dont turn all the named loot into joke).

    adventuring in Korvaire would allow for stunning visual set pieces, elemental trains on the background, floating islands, the dead grey mist, an awaknd pine, a steam punk/ elemental powered submarine.
    the possebileties are endless, dont waste time on hillbilly land, they have no propper institute, magic is hoarded instead of used to bennefit the common man (hospitals/repair crews, streetlights, etc?)
    Neverwinter does fearun with much more impressing visuals.
    DDO has the possebillety to win people b quality storytelling, character generation etc, non by turning into Zynga.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthhento View Post
    Raidloot is dead. Long live trashloot!
    So it feels at the moment ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by erethizon View Post
    Farming gear at endgame has always been a waste of time in every MMO. After all, since you are at the cap there is nowhere to go and thus you don't need better gear. When level caps finally get raised much better gear is always added that makes old gear obsolete so time spent getting gear at the cap is never a good use of time. They could fix this of course by simply lowering level requirements on gear (or ideally doing away with them the way old games like Everquest did it). Farming end game gear would have real value if you could then TR and use it immediately as you gained another 28 levels, but if the gear requires you to be level 25 or 28 to even put it on then there is little point to it as there is nothing to do at level 25 or 28.

    I have to say it does make sense that the new random gear is better than old raid gear since there are no new raids. The best gear tends to come from the highest level content and if the new stuff was not better than FoT gear there would be no need for gear junkies to buy the new expansion. Also, if you are the type of person to farm for gear, having the best gear be random gives a lot more farming potential because the player has to wait until an item with just the right mix of abilities is generated in just the right equipment slot. This takes far more time than just farming for a named item with known abilities and since people at end game are always looking for ways to waste their time getting better gear this system will give them a lot opportunities to do so.
    Playing non end game in DDO is incredibly boring and lacks challenge. I have managed to stick around DDO despite the focus of the game changing more toward true reincarnation i.e. lowby levelling because Turbine has at least kept an end game around and produced a handful of raids. I know many end game players have left DDO because of the change in focus. If Turbine made levelling more fun and challenging I may enjoy that more, but as it stands I never want to true reincarnate again. I have to do epic elite sometimes otherwise I quit. I am having a hard enough time with no new raids this update. Turbine caters DDO too much to these insane grinders who seem to take joy in pusing the same button over and over in a mindless numbness. I guess different strokes different folks.
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    Default If it is random loot and does not have an augment it is vendor trash.

    Random loot without an augment is now considered vendor trash in my opinion.

    Low level gear is not that big of a deal as high level gear is so I could care less about gear under level 5, but after that if it does not have an augment it's useless.

    Just what I think and my two cents.


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