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    Default The New Loot Is. . .

    Bad. I mean it. I'm not talking about named things - I haven't seen any of the new named items. I mean the BS random loot gear. Really, a weapon with a +6 or greater gets +0.5 [W} That's stupid. Assorted levels of elemental damage and stat damage and blah blah blah?

    I seriously have my doubts that this dev team has ever even cracked a D&D book, let alone a 3E/3.5E book. You know, the ones THIS GAME IS FREAKING BASED ON?

    Save the power creep for World of Warcraft. It's slowly ruining this game.

    And it's incompetently done. The stupid item creation rules are still not being applied evenly among all non-artifact items (and hey, where are our artifacts anyway?)

    Seriously, cut back on the power creep. And stop making new gear and gear rules until you get it all lined up and in order. Nothing should show up on random loot that I cannot craft with my crafter.
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