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    Default New loot-gen affixes

    I ran around GH for a couple of hours yesterday and am absolutely mind-boggled (in the best possible way) with the new awesomeness that is the new random loot. Is anyone compiling a list of the new affixes?

    What I (am my running mate) found so far:

    Deadly X: Bonus (competence, IIRC) to damage. We saw Deadly IV (+4 bonus) on ml 15 loot (goggles and headgear).

    Accurate X: Bonus (competence, IIRC) to to-hit. We saw Accurate IV (+4 bonus) on ml 15 gear (armor, IRRC).

    Cursed: Gives -1 to one stat (we saw -STR and -CHA) in return for lower ML. Does not replace prefix or suffix.

    Deathblock X: Deathblock as we know and love it, now with added negative energy absorption. We saw 6 and 9 % on ml 15 gear.

    Anyone else find cool new stuff?

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    I was just running around on my lowby so far, some cool stuff like min lvl 3 bracers w/ 2% dodge, boots "of speed" (striding with an alacrity boost to melee & ranged attacks). Also, some affixes in new places like a min lvl 1 featherfalling belt.
    Now excuse me while I wander off to arm myself with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and hunker down behind my Armored Beer Refrigerator, while I have the UFO's take control of the Congresional Wives with the help of the International Cocaine Smugglers and the Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow - btw, do you have change for 10 million population?

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    There's also
    • Ghost Bane,
    • Riposte - melee attacks that fail against you cause damage to the enemy
    • something about speed which gives a chance for a 2% double strike
    • Vitality

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    Speed is now an affix that gives up to 30% Enhancement bonus to Run speed as well as Melee/Ranged attack rate. So basically, Striding is completely obsolete...

    Sunder and Stunning on weapons now give, respectively, up to -5 stacking Fort and Will saves (stacks 1 every 3 seconds on damage), as well as increase the DC for Sunder/Stunning attacks. Improved Paralyzing of Stunning weapons will be nice as it raises the effective DC to 30. I think Vertigo reduces Reflex saves up to -5, so that might be particularly juicy for an Evocation caster...

    Ghost Bane is basically Ghost Touch plus Undead Bane wrapped into one.

    I'm actually a little worried that these new affixes - particularly Deadly and Speed - are going to make 90% of existing named items effectively deprecated. New lootgen is just going to be so much more powerful.

    Another note: all the new affixes give CR@PPY returns when you decon them. Items that used to give Tier 4-5-6 decons are now giving 1 and 2....

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    I don't know if it's new with this update (first time I've noticed it is all I know), but a guildy found a lootgen belt with both a yellow and colorless slot.

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