while I would love to see Completionist be a passive feat instead of active, I was thinking of ways to up the desirability of the other PL feats in addition to buffing completionist.

The only PL feats seemingly worthwhile is the Wizard for +1 DC, monk for +0.5[w] unarmed dmg, and possibly Paly for Divine Favor clickie. Everything else is pretty underwhelming and not worth a valuable feat.

The idea is that if you take the active PL feat you are able to select the prestige trees associated with that class with class levels equal to character level but minus Capstone. Completionist would be able to select any enhancement tree to the max of 6+racial everyone has.

Think opens up some interesting builds with certain PL as a pre-req and adds some versatility to complrtionist. And it might be stupidly OP.