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    Default Iconics feedback and suggestions

    Just a couple things after the initial try out of iconics starting in Eveningstar.

    1) A potion and wand vendor in the eveningstar area would be helpful. I may be missing it (quite likely, feel free to correct me) but right now it's a bit of a faff to have to log out to go to Eberron and then repeat to come back to Eveningstar just to buy the basic pots such as cure serious wounds, lesser restoration, heroism, barkskin and so on. I did find resist pots but they were being sold by the reagents vendor which isn't all that intuitive to work out. While its not a big problem for those who are not new to the game, those who are new may find it a bit tough doing the wheloon quests straight off the bat, not realising there are pots available to help them over in eberron.

    2) The Shadar-kai is immense fun but I would suggest that for the premade path skill points are put into UMD so that it can start to use basic wands and scrolls at lvl 15. Not sure what this would replace though as all the skills currently chosen are pretty useful. Maybe listen?

    Am sure more will come to me as I continue on but these were the initial thoughts.
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