Just wanted to warn you that you should make sure that all party members are alive when completing a quest for one of the new Sagas. It seems dead partymembers don't get the quest accounted for the Saga if they are dead at the moment of quest completion, although the completion gets accounted in the adventure compendium and they also get exp and a quest reward, only the Saga NPC doesn't know that you completed the quest.

I was doing the MotU Saga with guildies and only 4 of 6 party members were able to get a Saga reward when we were done. The party members were missing two different quests and the only similarity we noticed was that they were missing the quest where they were dead while completing the quest. They were both doing these quests for the first time after their TR and got the favor and quest completion in the adventure compendium.
Doing these quests a second time and making sure they are not dead when completing helped them to finish their Saga.

Already send a bug report but I think this might be a usefull information for other players too.