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    Hmm...if pets are out in any build, then no need for mass regen/druid 17. Just use heal (druid 15).
    41 seconds of AoE cleave per minute isn't enough. Need 20 more seconds/minute of cleaving so bear attack speed is 100% irrelevant.

    Can't be barb/monk.

    Could do 3barb/ 2ftr/15 druid
    Lose 1 feat, lose 1 more if not human. Gain another cleave to use every 3 seconds.

    Dodge > Mobility > Spring > Combat Exp> WW > PA > CL > GC > TWF > TWF#2 > TWF#3 > Quicken > Heavy Armor > Martial Wep.

    Lose evasion, 20 PRR from shield feats/twists, free up shield mastery twist for cocoon. Balanced attacks/Imp. Combat Exp/Cocoon final twists. Maybe gain 12 PRR from guarding weapon bond (probably doesn't work in forms, since so much effort to avoid stacking def. stances, including bear).

    Enh 34 druid NW
    Racial 21? (Want HAMP out of this, so human or HELF) Human gives another feat and GH saves/attack, and another feat (Epic DR or Bulwark), HELF gives more HAMP with monk dilli.
    Barb 13 FB for supreme cleave
    Barb 8 OCC S for weapon bond - Gaurding (12 PRR)
    Ftr 3 Kensai for wep special - unarmed
    Ftr 1 StD 3% fort

    Now have 5 different AoE cleaves with 100% uptime. Cleave, GC, WW, supreme cleave, and alpha strike. You don't have base weapon die added to bear form, but the cleaves do. I'm not done with my wolf yet, but this has promise for next life. A celestia would be nice to use with a planar prowess, so neutral good.

    Probably eat a lot of spells and traps, pets and summons completely abandoned, but hey, still can't have everything. Human is probably best for IC:B wolf form dps.
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